Computer Relocation – Moving Checklist

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When you plan to move all the computers in your office to a new location, you need to be extremely careful. These are delicate items and even the slightest errors in transportation might cause harm to your laptops and printers and other devices. You may lose your entire data if the hard drive get damaged while transportation.

Below are some tips on how to safely and securely move your devices to a new location. Of course these tips can be used in general for other items as well.

A good moving checklist should expand through different timelines. Planning your relocation should start at least two months before except for emergency situations. The moving checklist should be split into things to do two months before, a month before and two weeks before.

Keep one checklist ready for the moving day. With the digital era, you can create a digital list and store it on your phone or tables. This eliminates the worry of loosing your sheet of paper. Send a copy to your spouse and other family members so that they are aware of the plan upfront.

Two Months Before Move
This is the time to start browsing through multiple service providers and finding the right company. Read the company reviews and ask friends and neighbors for suggestions and valuable advice. With a list of three to five companies, you can start making calls and inquiring for free moving quotes.

A good moving company should be ready to answer all your queries and get you free moving quote. Avoid paying for a quote simply because their rates sync with your budget. First time clients may assume that a nominal fee could be charged for the quote provided. This should not be the case with a reputed company.

Choose the company with the best online and friends reviews besides an affordable plan. Many people have gone for cheap Sydney removals by Andy and they would suggest you do the same. You can visit them once to reconfirm your decision. Starting earlier also helps you get the best pricing and avoiding the extra charge incurred in the last minute booking. Avoid such kind of hassles. Instead, use those extra bucks to buy moving supplies.

A Month Before
After finalizing on the moving company, There are lots of responsibilities to take care of. First and foremost, start by exploring your closet and removing junk items. Clean the garage area and pack all the unused and unwanted items to the junkyard. Saving space is very important as companies charge you based on the total weight of the items you own.

Change your address in records a month earlier. Change the school records for kids, your organization, magazines subscription and post office to avoid missing important mails.

A week before the moving day, start packing items which you do not use frequently. Box and label all your valuables before the experts come in. This saves lots of time and also allows professionals to focus on your furniture and other belongings. Every family member should take good care of their important documents and personal belongings to avoid missing items.


The GoOSe Project is a meritocracy. Those that do the work and get involved decide its direction and focus.

As with any open source project, GoOSe needs contributors. There is always work to be done. If you have interest in helping the GoOSe Project, there are just a few steps you need to take to get involved.

  • Sign Up
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  • Do Work
  • Enjoy the Benefits

Getting involved in GoOSe is definitely something one should take time to consider. Once involved, it may lead to long hours in front of a computer, talking with cool people and working on cool projects. Don’t let that dissuade you, there will also be releases and future events where all members of the GoOSe project will gather and enjoy a weekend of hacking and drinking.

Learn About the GoOSe Community

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The GoOSe Project is pleased to announce the availability of GoOSe Linux 6.0 for i386 and x86_64 Architectures. With this release, the project aims to demonstrate that constructing a build infrastructure and an open community centered around enterprise linux is possible.

GoOSe-6.0 is based on the upstream’s 6.0 Enterprise Release with limited changes where required.

Moving from EL-4 or EL-5

Since this is the first GoOSe Linux release, it is recommended to reinstall rather than attempting any sort of upgrade process. (Since there aren’t prior releases, you’d have to install anyways.)

Downloading GoOSe Linux 6.0

A direct download is currently available from our mirrors. A list of mirrors are available at

Most mirrors will allow direct DVD downloads over http. Torrent, FTP and rsync options are in the works.

Source RPMS

Source RPMS are also available on our mirrors. See for a list of mirrors to download.

Getting Help

The GoOSe Project wants to help. The best place to get help is on IRC. Visit #gooseproject on to ask any questions or request help. Additionally, there are many other communities who are willing to help. If you think there is an issue with the release, please report it at The GoOSe Project will attempt to resolve all issues, but there are no guarantees.

Join the GoOSe

There have been and will continue to be many challenges to overcome and problems to solve that will be very interesting. Won’t you help us? Getting started doesn’t require years of training or secret pass phrases. Join our IRC channel (#gooseproject on and the mailing list ( to discuss what GoOSe is and what we do.

The GoOSe Project is a meritocracy. Those that do the work and get involved decide its direction and focus.

As with any open source project, GoOSe needs contributors. There is always work to be done. If you have interest in helping the GoOSe Project, check out our README. It reveals all the dirt on how to join The GoOSe Project and how to make your first contribution (hint: it’s dead simple to get started).


Thanks to everyone who contributed towards making GoOSe 6.0, a list of contributors can be found at

A special shout out to all who have contributed hardware, network connectivity, hosting and resources for this release. We at the GoOSe Project could not have created the distribution without you.